Sec. 25-25-10. Height limits.

Height limitations specified elsewhere in this chapter shall not apply to:
(1) Barns, silos, or other farm buildings or structures on farms, provided that these are located not less than fifty feet from every lot line;
(2) Belfries, chimneys, church spires, cupolas, and domes, distribution and transmission facilities, fire and hose towers, flag poles, radio, and television aerials, smoke stacks, towers, water tanks, wind energy conversion systems;
(3) Parapet walls extending not more than four feet above the limiting height of the building; drive-in theater screens, provided that such screens contain no advertising matter;
(4) Public buildings, schools, and hospitals to a height not exceeding seventy-five feet when setback an additional foot on all sides for each foot such building exceeds the height limit of the zone in which it is located. (Amended during the March 2009 supplement.)