Sec. 25-25-30. Projections into required yards.

Certain architectural features may project into required yards and courts as follows:
(1) Canopies, chimneys, cornices, eaves, rain gutters, and other architectural features supported from the structure may project twenty-four inches into a required yard or court.
(2) Balconies, fire escapes, handicapped ramps and outside stairways projecting into a required yard or court may be permitted by the zoning administrator when located so as to not obstruct the light and ventilation.
(3) Patios covers, sunshades, and similar structures attached to the main building, which are not enclosed on the sides except for required roof supports, may utilize up to twenty of the required rear yard area but may be no closer than ten feet to the rear property line. (Amended during the March 2009 supplement.)