Sec. 25-31-20. General authority and duties of the zoning administrator.

(a) To approve such permits and variances and authorize such modifications as are set forth in this chapter.
(b) To provide such notice as is required by the state planning law or this chapter prior to issuing any such permit or variance or granting such modification.
(c) To conduct public hearings and convene and preside over meetings which are authorized or required by state planning law, this chapter, or other federal, state, or city laws or regulations, or when public hearings are appropriate, in the discretion of the zoning administrator, due to public interest in a project or when the decision on a project involves policy considerations which should be reviewed by the planning commission, the zoning administrator may elect to refer the application, with or without a recommendation, to the planning commission for decision.
(d) To adopt rules and procedures necessary or convenient for the transaction of the business, scheduling of meetings, conduct of meetings, and related matters of the zoning administrator. The zoning administrator shall report all projects considered and decisions made, on a regular basis, to the planning commission. (Amended during the March 2009 supplement.)