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Crime Reporting - ONLINE!

October 13, 2009

In an effort to provide our community with more efficient police services, the Woodland Police Department, has expanded its on-line reporting system for low priority report calls.

You now can file an online report with the Woodland Police Department at any time when something you own is lost, stolen, or vandalized, or when your vehicle is burglarized.  The Woodland Police Department has implemented software from CopLogic, a California based company, which allows residents to report crimes through the Internet, eliminating the need for officers in minor offenses.

The system debuted September 22nd, allowing residents and visitors to avoid going to a police station or waiting on the phone to file a nonemergency property crime report.

Effective immediately, the Woodland Police Department is able to accept the following types of reports online:
·         Theft -Property that is stolen.
·         Vehicle Burglary – Stolen equipment or belongings from a vehicle.
·         Anonymous Witness Form – For reporting Suspicious Person / Activity, Safety Hazard, Animal Abuse, Noise Violation, Traffic / Parking 
·         Harassing Phone Calls - Annoying or obscene calls, immediate hang-ups, and threatening phone calls.
·         Hit and Run – Damage caused by another vehicle in which the other driver fled the scene without stopping to exchange information.
·         Identity Theft – Someone obtains anything of value using your personal information.
·         Lost Property -Missing or lost property.
·         Vandalism -Destroying or defacing property, including graffiti.
·         Vehicle Tampering – Keying, broken windows, or attempts to remove parts.

A report can be filed if the following criteria are met:

1. The crime happened in the city limits of Woodland and not on a freeway or a freeway ramp. Crimes on freeways are under the jurisdiction of the California Highway Patrol.

2. The suspect is unknown or cannot be described.

3. The value of the loss or damage is less than $2,500

4. The incident is not an emergency

The Woodland Police Department Patrol Division will monitor, maintain, and track the reports from the on-line report system. 

To access CopLogic log on to  and click on "Online Crime Reporting".

To report nonemergency criminal activity that does not fit the criteria for online reporting, call the Police Department through the communications center at (530)666-2411, available 24 hours a day.