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New Reading Challenges at the Library

March 1, 2018

New Children's Reading Challenges at the Library

The Woodland Public Library has two different reading challenges for children on the menu for March: 1000 Books before Kindergarten, and In-N-Out’s Cover to Cover challenge. Both programs are available on the library’s Beanstack application which is accessible at the library, and through the website on a phone, tablet, or computer ( Families can also use paper logs for both programs, and prizes can be claimed at the library. We encourage families to use Beanstack to become familiar with it before the Summer Reading Program starts in June.

The first program, 1000 Books Before Kindergarten, is ongoing and available to children who have not yet started Kindergarten. Parents or caregivers can log books on a paper log or on Beanstack, and with each 100 books they earn an incentive. Logging does not require keeping track of individual titles, unless the family wishes to do so. The big incentives for this program are a free book after 500 books, and a Kindergarten-ready backpack after 1000 books, filled with goodies like markers, crayons, pencils, scissors, glue, a notebook, and more! Progress is being tracked on a bulletin board at the library where kids choose a ship, astral body, or astronaut to represent them as they travel through space passing planets and asteroids as they read each 100 books. We encourage families to post selfies on Facebook or Instagram as they reach the goals—we have the papers for the different amounts available at the library. Use the hashtag #1000BooksB4K and tag the library @woodlandpubliclibrary.

Reading 1000 books may sound like a difficult task, but it is as simple as reading a book a day over three years. If you read three books a day you will be done much faster! You can count any book a child hears, include multiple readings of the same book, and books they hear at preschool, at the library’s storytimes, or wherever! You just need to finish before your child begins Kindergarten.

This challenge stems from a charitable organization of the same name, with the mission of encouraging parents and caregivers to read to their very young children. The more a child is read to, the better chance he or she has for being successful when starting school. We hope all families with young children will join the challenge and give their young children the boost they need to succeed in school.

The second program, back by popular demand, is In-N-Out Burger’s Cover to Cover reading challenge. This program for 4 to 12 year olds runs from March 3rd through April 14th. Kids are challenged to read five books in order to earn an Achievement Awards that allow the child to get a free hamburger, cheeseburger, or small order of French fries at any In-N-Out Burger. Children can repeat the challenge three times and end up earning three free burgers if they read a total of 15 books.

Kids can keep track of their book titles on a card they pick up at the library starting on Saturday, March 3rd, or at the library table at REXPO on Friday night at the Community Center. They can also use the library’s Beanstack application to keep track and earn badges along the way, which we encourage.

We hope families will register their children for the program and help them keep track of the books they read. Younger children who are still learning to read may be read to by an adult or an older child. The Achievement Awards may be claimed at the children’s desk and the front desk of the library after each set of 5 books. These awards may be claimed up to a week after the program ends.

Celebrate the coming of spring by building reading into family time every day with these challenges. Stop by the library for a book or book suggestion, check an e-book from the comfort of your own home, or try out our Tumble Books program for kids on the website or through the phone app, to have kids read and listen to books online. Happy reading!

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