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Green Waste Leaf-Drop Season Ending

January 15, 2010

The City's Environmental Services division reminds residents that the designated "leaf-drop season" will soon end. With the end of the season, weekly collection of green waste street piles will end and Waste Management will return to a monthly collection schedule for street piles.

Leaf-drop season, however, will end later this year than in past years. Starting in 2010, leaf-drop season will end on January 31 and start again on November 1. From February 1 through October 31, Waste Management will collect residential green waste street piles only once per month, while continuing to service green waste carts every week. The street pile schedule will follow the same pattern as in past years, with each area receiving service on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of the first, second, third, or fourth week of the month. The calendar of monthly pickups is printed in the Waste Management newsletter that is inserted in bills and is also available on the City’s website or may be requested from Environmental Services.

Except for the modification of leaf-drop season dates, the green waste program remains the same as in past years. Grass is never allowed in the street in any season and should always go in the cart. Other green waste program guidelines include the following: piles should not restrict gutter or drains; may be placed in the street no more than one week before the scheduled pick-up date; must be in front of or adjacent to the property from which they originated; and should not exceed 4 feet in width, 5 feet in length, and 4 feet in height. In addition, no palm material should be placed in the cart or the street. Because of the fibrous nature of palms, they cannot be accepted in the green waste grinding and composting process and must be treated as landfill waste, Green waste street piles are not allowed in most commercial locations.

The City urges residents to use the green waste carts whenever possible to keep streets clean and gutter flows unobstructed. While street piles come in handy when trimming trees or shrubs, using the cart can be very effective, and the carts are serviced every week. The cart can be rolled around the yard like a wheelbarrow and eliminate the need to carry separate loads out into the street. Residents with limited mobility may request lower profile carts if they find the standard size carts difficult to maneuver. Also, residents may use two carts for the same cost as one.

For questions regarding the program, visit the City’s website or call Environmental Services at (530) 406-5109.

( Click here for pdf of 2010 Green Waste Map & Schedule )