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Help “Finish” New Water Tank

January 29, 2010

With a new 400,000 gallon water tank nearing completion, the City is asking residents to help "finish" the project. The tank will be painted to prevent rusting as the final step in the construction process, and the City wants residents to weigh in with their opinions about how the tank should look when completed.

“We'd especially like to hear from those who live, work, and play in the vicinity of the tank, since they will see it on a regular basis,” said Woodland Public Works Director Greg Meyer.

Residents interested in providing input can review sample designs and give opinions through an online survey at The survey’s featured design concepts are not necessarily the final products, but they are consistent with the types of modest paint finishes that are included in the cost of construction. Residents can take the survey through midnight on Friday, February 5.

Located on Beamer Street at the edge of the baseball fields, the 400,000 gallon water tank will improve water pressure and ensure water is always available for firefighting. The project was required after an engineering analysis indicated the existing water tank was not sufficient to meet existing firefighting or water pressure needs and current seismic requirements. The City first considered retrofitting the existing structure, but the construction of a new tank was found to be the most cost-effective and reliable solution. Construction is expected to be completed in June 2010.

This water tank design survey is part of the City’s “Your City, Your Voice” program, which is designed to encourage community involvement by providing easy ways for residents to provide feedback. For more information about the survey, please contact the Liz Houck with the Department of Public Works at (530) 661-5973.