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City Celebrates Arbor Day

March 24, 2010

The Urban Forestry Group, with the assistance of the Woodland Tree Foundation held a tree planting clinic on Saturday, March 13th, to celebrate Arbor Day in the City of Woodland.  The clinic began at Ferns Park where training was provided to a group of 35 interested individuals on proper planting techniques necessary to increase survivability of newly planted trees.  When the initial training was completed the volunteers broke up into 4 groups and planted 34 trees in various locations throughout the City.  All the trees planted were donated by the Woodland Tree Foundation.  Environmental Services provided water-wise information packets and recycling hand-outs for the Ferns Park plantings, while Rosie Salas and Dawn Calciano staffed a booth at the Historical Society's Arbor Day event at Gibson House.

Some of the participants included; Mayor Marlin "Skip" Davies, Council Member Bill Marble, Parks & Recreation Commissioners Angel Barajas and Angie Dennie, The Woodland Rotary Club, members of the Woodland Boy Scouts, Dave Wilkinson from the Woodland Tree Foundation and Sacramento Tree Foundation members Cindy Blain and Olga Garzon. 

Staff would like to thank all the hard working volunteers that made this tree planting venture a booming success.

Click here for pictures from this year's event.