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Ana Gonzalez Appointed City Clerk

October 10, 2010

The City Council has appointed Ana Gonzalez, Secretary to the City Manager/Deputy City Clerk as the City Clerk effective October 1, 2010.  Ana's appointment was recommended by the City Manager and approved by the City Council following the retirement of Sue Vannucci. 

Ana began her employment with the City of Woodland in the Human Resources Department in September 1987.  In May 1998 she was appointed the Secretary to the City Manager/Deputy City Clerk. 

Prior to working for the City, Ana worked for US Department of Agriculture, Farmers Home Administration and the Department of Army, Corps of Engineers.  Ana has an Associate of Arts degree in Business from Woodland Community College.  

In addition to her professional qualifications, Ana has lived in Woodland since 1975 and has exceptional bilingual skills which make her an invaluable point of contact all Woodland residents, including residents who primarily speak Spanish. Ana’s knowledge of the City has helped many residents and business owners become connected with the people who can meet their needs.