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Groundwater Management Plan - DRAFT - Available for review

February 16, 2011

The City of Woodland is considering adopting a Groundwater Management Plan for its service area, pursuant to California Water Code Section 10750 et. seq.  The plan states the City's overall groundwater management goal, and puts forth basin management objectives and components addressing stakeholder involvement and outreach, monitoring, groundwater resource protection and sustainability, and planning integration.

The City of Woodland recognizes the importance of maintaining a sustainable, reliable, high-quality groundwater supply for the long-term benefit of its citizens. Adoption of a Groundwater Management Plan could further this goal. The City Council will hold a Public Hearing to provide interested members of the public with an opportunity to express their opinions and hear the City Council's deliberations of whether or not to adopt the Groundwater Management Plan. The City Council will consider adopting, and may adopt, the Groundwater Management Plan immediately following the Public Hearing. 

Public Hearing 3/1/2011

Please click here to review the DRAFT Groundwater Management Plan. REVISED FEBRUARY 2011.

The City received two public comments regarding the Groundwater Managment Plan, to review the responses, please click the links below.