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Final Report on the Second Annual Woodland Business Walk

May 20, 2011

The Post-Event Report for the Woodland Business Walk 2011 reveals that Woodland businesses really do like doing business in Woodland. The City of Woodland, in partnership with the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Woodland Chamber Commerce held another very successful Business Walk. In total, 40 business and civic leaders visited 233 businesses of which 214 were available to be interviewed. Participants included City management staff and Vice Mayor Davies from the City of Woodland. The Walk was an opportunity for participants to learn more about business in Woodland and an opportunity for Woodland businesses to express concerns and issues and share what they enjoy about doing business in Woodland. Like last year, three questions were asked: How is Business? What do you like about doing business in the area? and, what should be done to improve business?

Results show that business in Woodland equally covers the spectrum-slow/ poor to fair/steady to good/great. Approximately 69% of the respondents state that they enjoy doing business in Woodland because they enjoy “seeing familiar faces and describe the community as very “tight-knit”. Many business owners are locals who have grown up in the community and have built many strong ties. However, there were some concerns expressed and two of the major issues expressed by businesses were related to “permits/fees/ regulations and signage”. It is important to note that the issues were not only directed to the City and included other regulatory agencies. Businesses cited frustration with the large amount of duplications in regulations, especially in the county and city planning and building departments. Permits are also a major problem. Overall, the response was that taxes and fees need to be lowered to help companies meet the challenge of the current economy.

As a follow up to the Walk, like last year, City staff and Chamber staff contacted the businesses who asked for immediate assistance. And as a result, business to business contacts were made and we were able to address concerns quickly. Since last year’s Walk, City staff has loaded every business license into the Metropulse program (hosted via Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce). Metropulse is the source for the information to track the success of the Business Walks. As we continue to address issues with businesses, we will track contacts, issues and assistance with business so that we can continue to better serve the businesses of Woodland.

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