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Citizen Commendation

June 15, 2011

On Tuesday, June 23, 2011, a Woodland Police Officer was on routine patrol near the area of Beamer Street and West Street. The officer recognized a subject walking on Beamer Street as being on California Department of Corrections parole and believed there was an active warrant for the subject’s arrest. The officer contacted the subject and during a search of the subject, the officer located a bag of methamphetamine. As the officer attempted to arrest the subject, the subject pulled away and ran off. The officer chased the suspect and caught him approximately 20 yards away. The officer struggled with the suspect on the ground as the suspect actively resisted and tried to get up to run away. The struggle on the ground continued approximately 3 minutes. During this extremely dangerous moment, a Good Samaritan was driving by and witnessed the officer struggling with the suspect on the ground.

The citizen made an active and courageous decision to come to the aid of the officer. The citizen assisted the officer in restraining the suspect allowing the officer to regain control and successfully handcuff the suspect. Neither the citizen nor the officer was injured during this incident. A further search of the suspect found that he was in possession of additional methamphetamine.

If it had not been for the heroism of the citizen, the outcome of this incident may have been tragically different. The citizen desires that his identity remain confidential. The Police Department will be recognizing the citizen for his outstanding community service with a certificate of appreciation.