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Check out a Kill-a-Watt from the Library!!

February 2, 2012

The Woodland Public Library now offers the Kill-a-Watt meter, a device that measures household appliance energy consumption. The meter helps consumers calculate energy costs and each comes with simple directions. The Kill-a-Watt meters are provided by the Yolo Energy Watch, a partnership between Yolo County and PG&E, to promote energy efficiency in homes and businesses throughout Yolo County. 

The user-friendly Kill-a-Watt meters can be checked out and taken home from any public library in Yolo County – including the Yolo County Library system as well as the Woodland Public Library. Thanks to an in-kind donation from Transcend, a local translation service, the Kill-a-Watt meters come with instructions in English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

 “You can’t reduce your energy use and save money on your energy bill unless you know how much energy you’re using and where you’re using that energy,” said Yolo Energy Watch coordinator John Mott-Smith. “These devices, thanks to Yolo County Library system and the Woodland Public Library, are now accessible to anyone.”  

In addition to providing the Kill-a-Watt meters, the Woodland Public Library will host an energy saving workshop on February 15, 2012, at 7pm in the Library’s Leake Center. At the workshop Yolo Energy Watch will demonstrate how to use the Kill-a-Watt meter. Also, representatives from PG&E and Energy Upgrade California will discuss home energy programs for renters and homeowners and a variety of rebates and incentives. Workshops will be held at the Davis, Esparto, West Sacramento and Winters branches of the Yolo County Library.

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