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Pollution Prevention Slogan Contest

March 21, 2012

The City of Woodland's Pollution Prevention program is looking for a catchy slogan to keep fats, oils and grease (FOGs) out of your sinks and drains. FOGs are bad for plumbing because they clog pipes and can cause sewer backups into your homes and businesses.

We’re looking for a creative slogan to get the word out about keeping FOGs out of the sinks and drains and we need your help! Here’s what we need: 

  • Short catch phrase or slogan to promote keeping FOGs out of drains and pipes
  • Must use words "Fats, oil(s) and grease" in that order within the slogan

Slogans must be submitted by commenting on the EnviroWoodland Facebook notes page or by emailing by noon on Thursday, April 5th. Winner of the prize pack will be announced on Friday, April 6th. Woodland residents only.

Thanks and good luck!