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Springlake Fire Protection District

Governing Board Meeting

November 7, 2013

The agenda includes the following items:
1. Approval of Minutes – 11/12/13 meeting
2. Approval of Payments
a. Auditor Controller Office for FY13 Special District Financial Report ($264)
3. Regular Calendar
a. Continuing Discussion: Determination of Special Assessment Fees
b. Review of Parcels that Should be Assessed as Acreage
c. Review of Parcels with Multiple Structures
d. Review of Parcels that Fall into Multiple Classifications
e. Review of Parcels with "Identifier" Land Use Code
4. Correspondence and Information
a. Parcels with Assessment Fees Changed
b. Trial Balance Report for Septembe 2013

For more information please contact Elle Murphy, Board Clerk,, 530-661-7832.

The Springlake Fire Protection District was created under the Health and Safety Code by a vote of the district registered voters on July 21, 1942. On July 26, 1965 the district was reorganized under the County Fire Protection District of 1961, also in accordance with the Health and Safety code (Board of Supervisors Resolution #65-159). The district boundaries currently wrap around the north part of Woodland from CR 98 to I-5 over to East Street where it proceeds to Cache Creek, then east to the Yolo County Bypass and south to the City of Davis and the University of California, Davis and back west again to CR 998 and north to CR 27 where it turns east to CR 99 and then north to the City of Woodland’s southern boundary.

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