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Water Quality Practices Performed by the City of Woodland

Why is Well and Distribution Line Flushing Important?

August 1, 2014

Even with the current drought situation, the City is required to employ some practices that may appear wasteful to the public but are required in order to provide safe and clean potable (drinking) water to the community. These practices include flushing water through our well columns, through distribution lines, and from our wells from time to time.

As a water purveyor, the City is mandated by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to comply with strict regulations for potable water. These system flushing practices are recommended by the CDPH and are performed by municipalities throughout the state to ensure that water quality meets state mandated levels.

In order to ensure the best water quality maintenance, water must be pumped from the water system at a very high rate of flow, around 1,500 gallons per minute. Pumping at this rate makes it impractical to capture the water for other uses. The costs associated with attempting to capture, transport, and repurpose the water would add a substantial expense to City operations that would have to be borne by the rate payers. Although flushing water out of the system may be perceived as going against water conservation efforts, this practice is needed to protect the water system as a whole from potential water quality issues.

The City remains diligent in efforts to provide the safest, cleanest potable water for the community and also to reduce water use. Water irrigation in City parks, other landscaped areas, and City facilities has been reduced by 20% - 30% over the last several years. Community members are urged to help with efforts to maintain our City infrastructure in good working condition by notifying the City when breaks or leaks are observed on City maintained properties.

Reports can be called in to Public Works at 661-5962 or emailed to

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