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Woodland Firefighters Win Top Chef Challenge

September 10, 2009

On Sunday September 6, 2009 Engineer Walter Scruggs and Firefighter Tara Daniels were selected as the 2009 California’s Best Firehouse Chefs. They where selected after competing against the Stockton  and Arcata Fire Departments in the final round of the cooking competition at the 2009 State Fair in Sacramento.

Engineer Scruggs, a six year Woodland Firefighter, and Firefighter Daniels, a three year Woodland Firefighter, both work at Fire Station 3 “B” shift on Engine 3 and have shared in the firehouse cooking for the past year. Firefighter Daniels was the first female firefighter to enter the California’s Best Firehouse Chef Challenge.

During the event they had 45 minutes to prepare dishes made with the products available at the fair and a couple of secret ingredients unknown to the participants until just prior to the event. The secret ingredients for the final round included; a pork tenderloin and Rice Krispies cereal.

The winning menu included: Candied pork shish-ka-bob with bacon, grilled vegetables, cantaloupe and cherry tomatoes; homemade macaroni and cheese with a rice krispies and parmesan cheese crust; bread pudding with fresh pear sauce; spicy sweet pork medallions seared with rice krispies.

For their winning efforts they were awarded a Gold California Bear trophy.

Congratulations Tara & Walter!!!