One Thirteen Main Plaza Hotel

Project Overview:

This application is for a proposed 4-story, 106 room hotel (77,578 sq. ft.) and two fast-food kiosks (600 sq. ft. each) on 3.05 acres located at 1490 East Main Street. The proposed site consists of two parcels—a vacant southern parcel and a northern parcel partially developed with a neighborhood convenience store. The subject parcels are facing north and are accessible from 1490 East Main Street. Highway 113 and its on-ramp abuts the parcels towards East and South.

The project site has a General Plan and Zoning designation of Community Commercial.  A hotel use requires a Zoning Administrator Permit and the Fast Food Kiosks without a drive-through is a permitted use. The current site plan shows a pad for future development phases. A septic field is currently located where the future development pad is shown on the plans. The project application will be required to conduct a biological assessment.

Additional Information:

Site Plan Overview Conditional Use Permit & Site Plan

Floor Plan and Elevations

1st Floor Plan 2nd Floor Plan 3rd Floor Plan 4th Floor Plan

Door and Window Schedule

Landscaping Plan