Tanforan Ventures

Project Overview:

The property at 1460 Tanforan Avenue, in Woodland is Zoned Industrial, and is submitting for a conditional use permit pursuant to the city of Woodland Municipal code 25-21.6 & chapter 13A. Municipal code for Testing, Distribution, non-volatile / volatile manufacturing in the Industrial zone is allowed by a conditional use permit approved by the zoning administrator. 

The proposed building is on a 430,000 SF (9.891 acres) parcel consisting of 1460, 1462, & 1464 Tanforan Avenue. This project is considering only 1460 Tanforan Avenue, which is 64,000 square feet. The building currently consists of two suites: A & B. 

A new suite, Suite C,  will be built out to house the proposed testing lab. The following is the breakdown per the CUP floor plan drawings: Suite A - Manufacturing, License Types 6 & 7, is 32,000 SF. Suite B - Distribution, License Types 11 & 12, 22,000 SF; Suite C - Testing Lab, License type 8, 10,000 SF.

Additional Information: