Police Chief's Advisory Board (CAB)

The Chief’s Advisory Board (CAB) is established under the direction of the Chief of Police.  The board is created to act as a resource for the Chief in the formation of strategies, development of community policing concepts and increasing public awareness.  The board is intended to provide a forum for discussions concerning community concerns and the goal is to have a broad spectrum of viewpoints represented.

Mission and Purpose of the CAB

The Woodland Police Department is committed to community policing.  To that end, the mission of the CAB is to act as a resource for the Chief of Police in the formation of strategies, development of policing concepts, and increasing public awareness regarding policy issues. The CAB acts solely in an advisory capacity and will be driven by the creativity and vision of its members; it is intended to be an expression of the Woodland community’s viewpoints.

To carry out its purpose, the board will address overcoming problems associated with police-community relations, the improvement of the Woodland Police Department’s operations, and public safety issues in order to further enhance the quality of life in our community. The CAB will act as a sounding board for the Chief regarding community needs and concerns, keep the Chief apprised of the community’s need for police services, and assist in educating the community at large about the function and role of the Woodland Police Department.

Although the CAB is expected to be proactive, it will not have power or authority to investigate, review or otherwise participate in matters involving specific police personnel or specific police-related incidents.  It will not receive or review complaints initiated against personnel of the Woodland Police Department, nor play any role in civil or criminal litigation.   The CAB acts solely in an advisory capacity and will be driven by the creativity and vision of its members; it is intended to be an expression of the Woodland community’s viewpoints.

The CAB meets on the first Wednesday of every month at the Woodland Police Department at 6 P.M.  It is expected that each board member will contribute and provide input on the topics the board and Chief of Police deem appropriate and timely.

Composition of the CAB

The board consists of 10-15 key stakeholders, comprised of a diverse cross-section of active community members throughout the City of Woodland.  These members will represent a range of interests and experience, including business owners, education, non-profits, public relations, faith community, youth representation, and more.

Members must be Woodland residents, business owners or educators and are selected from the pool of applicants by the Chief of Police. Members are chosen to serve on the board for their professionalism, integrity and commitment to their community.  The term for board members is limited to two years to allow for greater participation by all interested parties.  Extensions for sitting on the board will be considered on an individual basis at the discretion of the Chief of Police. The next application period for board members will be in the summer of 2024.

2022 - 2024 Board Members

The Chief's Advisory Board currently consists of nine board members. Their two year term began in October 2022. 

2022-2024 Chief's advisory board photos

Previous Board Members

The following individuals served on the Chief's Advisory Board during previous terms:

2020-2022 Term

  • Al Eby
  • Helen Bouslaugh
  • Rogelio Villagrana
  • Rylee Christian
  • Ken Bryant
  • Joe Moreno
  • Sylvina Frausto
  • Vinod Patel
  • Leslie Deniz
  • Erik Daniells

 Board Expectations

  • Members of the CAB are expected to attend the scheduled meetings and be prepared to engage in an honest and productive dialogue.
  • Members of the CAB are expected to treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • Members of the CAB are expected to maintain the confidentiality of information that is designated as confidential and discussed and/or disclosed during the meetings.
  • CAB members are not to utilize the meetings to facilitate personal agendas.
  • Members of the CAB will be encouraged to attend and participate in major police events (such as swearing-in and promotion ceremonies).
  • CAB members are encouraged to attend the Woodland Police Citizen’s Academy to familiarize themselves with Department operations.

Staff support to the CAB is provided through the Office of the Chief of Police.  The Chief will serve as the liaison to the CAB and a staff member from the Office of the Chief of Police will act as the recording secretary.   A member or members of the WPD senior staff may also be included in the CAB meetings as necessary or requested.   Support staff will:

  • Record the proceedings of meetings of the CAB (i.e. minutes)
  • Disseminate information, including meeting agendas, minutes of meetings, etc. to members of the CAB
  • Maintain all records related to the CAB

Interested in joining the Board

Interested in joining the Chief's Advisory Board? If so, complete the application via the link below. You may also print and mail in the completed application by downloading the PDF here. Your application will be reviewed and if selected to proceed in the process, you will be contacted.



Please contact the Chief’s Assistant, Dominique Bonino, at 530-661-7865,