Gibson Road Improvements

CIP 20-01 & 20-08


Anticipated Construction Completion: Late June or Early July 2023

Project Description

This project will improve a two mile-long corridor on Gibson Road from County Road 98 to East Street. The improvements include:

  • Rehabilitating pavement 
  • Restriping narrower travel lanes to slow traffic
  • Adding buffered bike lanes
  • Constructing ADA-compliant curb ramps and sidewalk repairs
  • Installing drainage improvements
  • Completing traffic signal improvements to include bicycle and pedestrian actuation 

The project also includes installing a pedestrian-actuated lighted crossing at California Street and lane reconfigurations or “Road Diet” that will reduce travel lanes between Cottonwood Street and West Street from four lanes to a three lane corridor consisting of two narrow travel lanes and a two-way left turn lane. 

These improvements will transform this segment of Gibson Road into a complete street providing improved bicycle, pedestrian, and vehicle facilities to ensure the corridor meets the needs of all modes of travel.

Status - Updated April 2023

Thanks to dry, warmer weather, placement of the final asphalt lift started the week of April 10. Paving of the south side of Gibson will take 1-2 weeks followed by 1-2 weeks of raising utility covers to grade. We anticipate that the next traffic switch will take place the second week of May. After the next traffic switch, vehicles will drive on the south side of Gibson and the north will be closed for construction.

Paving of the north side of Gibson will take 1-2 weeks followed by 1-2 weeks of raising utility covers to grade. This work should be complete in early June. After final lift of the north side, the contractor will mark out road striping. Once reviewed and approved by City staff, final striping will take place.

We currently anticipate that final striping and project completion will occur in late June or early July.

Overhead View: 98 to West

Gibson Lanes Overhead 1

Overhead View: West to East

Gibson Lanes Overhead 2
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