Matmor Road & E. Gum Avenue Rehabilitation Project

CIP 19-05

Phase: Largely complete

Start Date: 2022

Completion Date: Fall 2023

Project Description

The project will improve the mile-long corridor of Matmor Road from Main Street to Gibson Road, and the half-mile-long corridor of E. Gum Avenue from East Street to Matmor Road. The improvements include pavement rehabilitation, restriping narrower travel lanes to slow traffic, adding buffered bike lanes, constructing ADA-compliant curb ramps and sidewalk repairs, installing drainage improvements, and completing traffic signal improvements. 

These improvements will transform the Matmor Road and E. Gum Avenue corridors into complete streets providing improved bicycle, pedestrian, and vehicle facilities to ensure the corridors meet the needs of all modes of travel.

Status Updates

Construction of this two-season project began in 2022.

Work during Summer and Fall 2022 consisted mainly of private utility relocations, concrete sidewalk and ADA ramp replacements, and traffic signal improvements.

The project was largely completed in September 2023.

Project Area

Gum Matmor Project Map Area

Example of a Buffered Bike Lane

Buffered Bike Lane Example