Scavenger Hunt

We welcome you and your family to participate in a fun scavenger hunt throughout Woodland.  The Hunt event starts on Monday, May 25th, and ends on Friday, May 29th

To participate, simply use the clues available each day to find the pieces of the puzzle to solve throughout Woodland. Complete the scavenger hunt by submitting all photos and solving the puzzle will admit participants into a drawing for prizes. All are invited to participate in the Scavenger Hunt.

COW stencil for Scavenger Hunt
ClueHunt 95695Hunt 95776
Clue #1
Our first clue will take you to the home of our city finance department, human resources, community development, and city administration, this building lives in the heart of downtown. You might have even seen the new learning garden growing along the north side of the building!Our first clue will make you think! Using the lyrics, can you figure out where to go?
"Put me in coach.
I’m ready to play today.
Look at me
I can be
(Hint: think of the ballfields)

Clue #2
This next clue takes you to a neighborhood that was the first of its kind built in Woodland with curved streets, a central roundabout and an architectural gateway to mark the entrance. The name of the neighborhood also refers to the park and the local elementary school. The park has recently been renovated with a new play structure that has anti-microbial plastics incorporated, and this is where you’ll find your puzzle piece.To find the next puzzle piece, take a walk around the paths of the only park that shares its name with a public high school.
Clue #3
This clue will take you to the only park named after a Woodland resident who died action at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Before his passing at age 23, he earned his “Eagle Scout” and “First Mate” honors from the Boy Scouts and Sea Scouts, respectively. This park shares the same lot with a baseball field donated by a Boston Red Sox baseball player who wore #15.This clue will take you to a park named after Woodland’s first Parks and Recreations Director who established both youth and adult sports programs for many residents to enjoy. The park is now considered a favorite among locals for its water feature, two large playgrounds with wide open grass fields.
Clue #4
This clue is located in the heart of Woodland and it’s the site of many large community events including Movies on Main Street, The Tomato Festival, California Honey Festival, Luna Vista Yolo Brew Fest, and it’s the starting point of the 4th of July Bike Parade. It recently got a facelift with some new brickwork and features a large black clock.Following this clue will take you to a location ruled by man’s best friend. This park has two areas for both large and small four-legged friends.
Clue #5
The following Woodland park is one of the hosts to the popular Summertime Fun Club Program and has workout equipment along the walking trails. The play structure boasts a huge red climbing wall. Can you find it?This 10-acre park is the second park names after a Woodland resident often referred to as “The Godfather” for his involvement in Woodland and Yolo County. The park boasts a unique playground, walking trail with fitness stations, t-ball sized backstop, soccer field, and zip line.
Clue #6
This next clue takes you to a park named after a former Yolo County Employee who devoted his time to supporting Youth Sports in Woodland. He volunteered time to many organizations including, YMCA Soccer, WHS Soccer, Woodland Little League, and Yolo Post 77 baseball. Without his vision, this park would otherwise simply be a stormwater holding pond.

Hint: If you can find the scene in the attached picture, then you’ll find your next puzzle piece.

Scavenger Hunt Park Image of bench
To find this next location, use the attached photo of a park dedication plaque.

Hint: this park used to have a red pagoda-style structure near the play ground.

Scavenger Hunt Park Image of plaque
Clue # 7
This park has one of the more colorful play structures in town.
With just the two photos, can you figure out which one it is?

Scavenger Hunt Park Image of playground
Scavenger Hunt Park Image of playground
Rearrange the words to find where this clue is painted on the sidewalk.

Download _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Tummy Icon _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Dan _ _ _
One Sir _ _ _ _ _ _
Recent _ _ _ _ _ _
Clue #8
Your final clue takes you to a ½ acre park located in the northwest corner of Woodland is named after a former Parks and Recreation employee who played in a band called “Off the Cuff”. As a Recreation Supervisor he directed the city’s adult sports programs, the summer concert series, and developed various recreation classes and programs. He was dedicated to his community and that’s why you can find the next puzzle piece near the dedication pictured in this clue.

Scavenger Hunt Clue
Let this clue lead you to the street that one of Woodland’s newest parks is on..

Scavenger Hunt photo clue

Scavenger Hunt details and rules

  • There are two scavenger hunts located within Woodland city limits
  • 95776 Hunt (clue locations are all to the east of East Street)
  • 95695 Hunt (clue locations are all to the west of East Street)
  • Each hunt will have different clues to different destinations. The hunts are separate and DO NOT rely upon one another to solve the puzzle. You only have to complete one of the hunts to solve the puzzle.
  • Each day during the week of May 25-29 clues will be posted to this website and on our Woodland Community Services “Parks and Rec.” Facebook page. 
  • Using the clues provided, participants travel to designated locations and “collect” each day’s piece to the puzzle using their phone/camera. Please take a photo of the puzzle piece you found.
  • Puzzle pieces will be defined at a location with a COW (City of Woodland) close by.
  • Collect, submit, and title your submission with the puzzle’s answer. After the last clues are provided on Friday, May 29th submit your puzzle answer through Facebook Messenger to WoodlandRec or email by Friday, June 5.
  • Submission of your puzzle answer enters you into a drawing for prizes. 

For questions about how to participate in the Scavenger Hunt, email