Public Participation

Housing Element Update Meetings

March 21, 2023

  • City Council

March 2, 2023

  • Planning Commission

Prior 2021 Housing Element Update Meetings

September 7, 2021

  • City Council
    • A public hearing was held for review and adoption on the 2021-2029 Housing Element.
    • Agenda and staff report for the City Council meeting (click here)
    • Power Point - September 7, 2021 (click here)

August 5, 2021 

  • Planning Commission
    • A public hearing was held to review comments on the 2021-2029 Housing Element.
    • The Commission received a presentation on the Housing Element update, with a review of comments received to date. 
    • Public Review Draft 6th Cycle Housing Element in the documentpage. 
    • Agenda and staff report for the Planning Commission meeting at the following: (click here)
    • Power Point - August 5, 2021 (click here)

June 2, 2021

  • Virtual Community-wide Public Workshop
    • The City conducted a public workshop to present the Public Draft Housing Element.
    • The public review draft was available for review from May 17 through July 12, 2021, in the documents page.
    • Agenda and staff report for the Community Workshop: (click here).
    • Power Point - Community Workshop June 2, 2021 (click here)
    • Meeting Recording (click here) and use Passcode: bu#Rb63F

February 9 &10, 2021

  • Focus Group Meetings
    • The City conducted three focus group meetings, one with housing advocates, one with housing developers, and one with local businesses and institutions.  Local stakeholders and representatives attended the virtual meetings. 
    • Members of the public are encouraged to view the Housing Element Information PowerPoint and Focus Group Questions

November 6, 2020

  • The City of Woodland kicked off the Housing Element Update. The City encouraged all Woodland residents to help plan the City's future housing needs and priorities.