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The City compiled the following resources to help Spring Lake community members find information quickly and easily. If you have any questions, please reach out to Communications Manager & Policy Analyst Spencer Bowen at spencer.bowen@cityofwoodland.org.


Spring Lake Parks Projects: Click Here

Sports Park Drive Bicycle & Pedestrian Overcrossing: Click Here

New Traffic Signal - East Gibson / Harry Lorenzo / Bourn Drive: Click Here

Interchange Modifications at Highway 113 & County Road 25A: Click Here

Fire Station No. 3 Relocation: Click Here

Woodland Regional Park updates: Click Here

Bonds Fees

Properties within Spring Lake pay various supplemental taxes or assessments that assist with the cost of construction and maintenance of certain improvements. These fees and assessments are reflected on the property tax bills for each property and include:

  • Spring Lake Community Facilities District (CFD), a.k.a. "Mello Roos"
  • Spring Lake Landscaping and Lighting Assessment District 
  • Sports Park Maintenance CFD

Frequently Asked Questions

For a comprehensive FAQ document, including specific financial figures and questions about what Mello Roos pays for, click here.

Community Discussion

June 2021 video discussion with Woodland's City Manager and Director of Administrative Services: Click Here

Specific Plan

Spring Lake Specific Plan map: Click Here

Note: designations such as R-8 and R-15 refer to different types of zoning, such as higher or lower density residential. You can learn more about the City's zoning ordinance here.

School & Parks-related Specific Plan Amendments

March 1 & March 15, 2005: Sports Park Relocation and Addition of a Pedestrian/bike Overpass (Resolutions 4616, 4617, and 4621)

  • The Spring Lake Specific Plan ("SLSP") had initially identified a 34-acre sports park on the East side of State Route 113. On September 21, 2004 the City Council adopted the Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Master Plan that conceptually designated a 40-acre sports park on the West side of 113 to allow co-development of the sports park and community park. The SLSP was subsequently amended consistent with the Master Plan and the City acquired 57 acres of land. Amendments also provided for a bike and pedestrian overcrossing over 113.

December 14, 2010: Rezone of a school site and relocation of the neighborhood commercial site to the south (Resolution 5160)

  • The changes include relocating the 8-acre park and 2-acre neighborhood commercial areas south to the northwest corner of Harry Lorenzo Avenue and Farmer’s Central Road, and eliminating the 10-acre elementary school site.  The application also includes the elimination of the R-5 zoning and increasing the R-8 and R-15 acreages. The Woodland Joint Unified School District Governing Board determined, by vote in February 2010, that the elementary school site is not necessary based upon a School Need Report and has released the site for other development.

March 19, 2013: Rezone a school site to residential; north of Heritage Parkway, south of Jack Slaven Park (Resolution 6118)

  • The school site was released for development by the Woodland Joint Unified School district.  The Woodland Joint Unified School District Governing Board determined by vote, April 14, 2011, that the elementary school site in question was not necessary based upon a School Needs Report and has released the site for other development. 

February 3, 2015: Rezone commercial to residential, rezone R-15 to R-8, and reconfigure park location (Resolution 6383)

  • The amendment provided for the neighborhood commercial rezone to R-8 residential.  The site was aligned to provide lots fronting on the Harry Lorenzo and Farmers Central Road and repositioned the park away from the busy intersection. 

May 5, 2015: Spring Lake Central changes (Resolution 6422)

  • The amendment shifted the location of the Central Park, Fire Station and Neighborhood Commercial site.  Also eliminated R-15, increased R-25, and R-4 land area.

October 6, 2015: Rezone neighborhood commercial to park / open space (Resolution 6540)

  • The amendment rezoned approximately 2 acres of neighborhood commercial to park/open space, combined with the existing 8 acres of park to form a 10-acre park. 

All Specific Plan Amendments

November 19, 2002: Resolution No. 4399 

  • Addressed the Settlement Agreement and various staff identified errata. 

December 17, 2002: Resolution No. 4406

  • Addressed changes to the Plan requested by Spring Lake Planning Group LLC. 

October 19, 2004: Resolution No. 4583

  • Addressed additional changes to the Plan requested by Spring Lake Planning Group LLC. 

March 1 & March 15, 2005: Resolutions No. 4616, 4617, 4621

  • Relocated the planned sports park and provided for a bicycle and pedestrian overcrossing

February 27, 2007: Resolution No. 4807

  • Amended land use designations and Table 2.4 requested by the proposed Reynen & Bardis-Spring Lake Central Development Project. 

November 16, 2010: Resolution No. 5147

  • Removed reference to the Gibson Road Bike/Pedestrian overcrossing and the Class 1 bike path south of Gibson Road between Pioneer High School and Woodland Community College. 

December 14, 2010: Resolution No. 5160

  • Relocated the neighborhood commercial and park site on the Cal West property, eliminated a school site and R-5 single-family acreage and increased the R-8 and R-15 acreage. 

March 19, 2013: Resolution No. 6118

  • Rezoned a 10-acre school site and a 6.22-acre R-20 Multi-family site to 16.22 acres of R-8 single family. 

June 17, 2014: Resolution No. 6257

  • Amended the Spring Lake Specific Plan land use designations, Spring Lake Specific Plan Design Standards Table 2.4 (Minimum Lot Width), and the Spring Lake Affordable Housing Plan (50-unit limit). 

February 3, 2015: Resolution No. 6383

  • Rezoned an R-15 site to R-8 and rezone a 2 acre neighborhood commercial site to R-8. 

May 5, 2015: Resolution No. 6422

  • Rezoned portions of the Spring Lake Central Project Area and reconfigured the subdivision and development proposal. 

October 6, 2015: Resolution No. 6540

  • Rezoned a Neighborhood Commercial site to Park in the Heritage Remainder Area. 

November 15, 2016: Resolution No. 6747

  • Amended use designation for Oyang North project to be developed by Vacaville Land Investors, LLC

November 15, 2016: Resolution No. 6751

  • Amended Oyang South Project developed by Vacaville Land Investors, LLC

July 2, 2019: Resolution No. 7310

  • Rezoned 11.33 acres of R-5 to R-8 in the Merritt Ranch area. 

November 5, 2019: Resolution No. 7366

  • Based on a request by Pioneer-Woodland LLC, rezoned a portion of the Pioneer Village Project Site that included a rezone of 19.14 acre, R-5/Single Family (4-5 du/acre) site to R-8 /Single Family (6-8 du/acre) and .20 acre of R-5 (4-5 du/acre) Single Family to R-20 multifamily (18-20 du/acre). 

September 1, 2020: Resolution No. 7556

  • Rezoned an R-8 site to R-15 in the Parkside 3 area. 

General Info

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