Requirements to Remove or Perform Maintenance on Residential Trees

The intention of this process is to educate homeowners on options for tree removal. Preserving and maintaining trees in the City of Woodland benefits everyone with energy savings, air quality improvements, carbon dioxide reductions, water quality improvements, and benefits to wildlife.

1. Determine if your tree is a heritage oak (valley oak 33-inches diameter at breast height or greater) located anywhere on your residential property, or any type of tree 24-inches diameter at breast height or greater located within 20-feet of your sidewalk. Diameter at Breast Height is measured 54-inches above ground level. Follow the steps below if you meet these requirements. There are no requirements for other trees. 

2. Contact a company with an ISA Certified Arborist and a City of Woodland business license. The City maintains a list of companies that have provided proof of meeting these requirements. Click here for list

3. Obtain a quote for tree removal and for other maintenance options to preserve the tree. The Tree Contractor providing you with a quote also should provide you with a quote for maintaining the tree (instead of removing it). If they do not believe the tree can be maintained and that it should be removed, they should provide a statement to you with that information. If you are proposing major maintenance of the tree, submit only a quote for major maintenance along with the Tree Modification Review Form

4. Ask Tree Contractor where their equipment will be located during the proposed tree removal or tree maintenance. An encroachment permit from the City Community Development Department may be needed for this work if the equipment will be located on City property (i.e. the street and/or sidewalk). Contact the Community Development Department for more information (530-661-5820 or visit them at 300 First Street). 

5. Submit a Tree Modification Review Form and the quotes you received to the Community Services Department prior to the removal or maintenance of the tree. Information can be submitted via email or delivered/mailed to Community Services Department, 2001 East Street, Woodland, CA 95776, Attn: Urban Forestry 

6. The City will contact you within 7 business days to confirm complete submittal of the Tree Modification Review Form and Quotes.