Groundwater Wells Demolition Project, CIP 21-05

Phase:  Construction

Contractor: Ariza Construction, Inc

Anticipated Completion Spring 2023

Project Description

Demolition of City Wells 5, 6, 12 and 21 according to City Construction Specifications 12.14 and 12.15, Yolo County Standards and State of California Well Standards Bulletins 74-90 and 74-81. The Project includes removal and disposal of all aboveground piping, mechanical and electrical equipment, conduits and boxes, bollards, well sheds, antennae and other well related equipment including piping and appurtenances to at least three feet below grade. Also included is the demolition and disposal of concrete pads, walkways, foundations and well fencing, as well as the import of aggregate base, soil and sod and the installation or adjustment of irrigation heads to restore sites to the final conditions as noted on the Plans.