Step 5: What happens after I build my ADU?

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Accessory Dwelling Unit. (2022). California Department of Housing and Community Development.

Can I rent out my ADU?

  • Yes, you can rent your ADU but it must be for a period of 30 days or longer.
    • Currently, there are provisions from the state legislature that ADUs cannot be rented for a period of time less than 30 days. 
  • Airbnb may not be possible if it is for periods shorter than 30 days. 
  • For information on becoming a landlord visit Landlord Resources.
  • The State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) has asked local agencies to obtain information about ADUs including whether they are or will be rented, and if so, what is the anticipated or actual rent that is charged for any units that are rented. The city will request this information prior to approving a building permit or may send you a survey in the future.
    • Tenancy and Rental Income Form - Fillable PDF (click here)

Do I need to live in the primary dwelling unit or ADU?

  • If your ADU was built after Jan 1st 2020 and before Jan 1st 2025, you do not need to live in the primary dwelling unit or the ADU.
  • ADUs built before of after this period are subject to owner occupancy requirements, requiring you to live in either the primary dwelling or ADU.
  • All JADUs have owner occupancy requirements, check JADU page for more information.

Can an ADU be sold separately from the primary dwelling?

  • ADUs cannot be sold separately from the primary dwelling unit, they would no longer be considered accessory to primary building.
  • Prior to a building permit being issued, a deed restriction must be filed.

Will the ADU need a separate address?

  • Generally, a new ADU will be provided with an address designation using a ½ to indicate that this is accessory to the primary address. As example, if the primary dwelling is 300, the ADU will be 300 ½.