Retail Cannabis Conditional Use Permit Application (CUP)

The City has completed the process for selection of four Preliminary Commercial Cannabis Business Permits.  The final applicants are invited to submit a land use application for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP), which provides review and approval through a public hearing process.

Application Forms: The following links provide the required Retail Cannabis Conditional Use Permit (CUP) forms:

Purpose. A Conditional Use Permit (CUP) provides a public review process for discretionary review of proposed uses and activities that require special consideration to ensure that their effects are compatible with locational, use, structural, traffic, and/or the characteristics of neighboring properties and the community. This discretionary review process is intended to ensure land use compatibility and mitigate potential impacts or conflicts that could otherwise result from the proposed use. The Retail Cannabis CUP will be reviewed by the Planning Commission with final determination by the City Council. A Conditional Use Permit also serves the following purposes:

  • To consider the relationship of the use or project to the neighborhood and community as a whole;
  • To consider the relationship of the proposed use with the site’s characteristics;
  • To evaluate the adequacy of services and facilities for the proposed use;
  • To provide an opportunity for public review and comment on the proposed use; and
  • To identify conditions and requirements necessary to comply with the basic purposes of the General Plan, Zoning Code, and any applicable regulations.

Note: Being awarded a preliminary CBP does not constitute a land use entitlement and does not waive or remove the requirements of applying for and receiving permits for all construction including: electrical, plumbing, fire, Community Development Department permits or reviews, and any other permits, licenses, or reviews as deemed necessary by the relevant departments or governmental entities in charge of said permits. Nor does the award of a CCB permit guarantee that the plans submitted via the CCB application process meet the standards or requirements in WMC Chapter 17 and any other permit requirements from other City departments or agencies.