Tent Permitting and Inspections

Tent Inspection Header

An operational permit is required to operate an air-supported temporary membrane structure, a temporary special event structure or a tent having an area in excess of 400 square feet. Tents open on all sides that are larger than 700 square feet require a permit and inspection.  Exception: Tents used exclusively for recreational camping purposes.

State requirements for tents and other membrane structures can be found in California Fire Code Chapter 31.


  • A tent in excess of 400 square feet with sides.

  • A tent without sides in excess of 700 square feet. Tent must be a minimum of 12 feet away from all structures and other tents.

  • Special events such as concerts, carnivals, fairs, etc.

  • Assembly events with more than 1 ,000 people in attendance at any one time.

  • Assembly events with two or more cooking booths.

  • Assembly events with four or more mobile food facilities.

  • Fireworks public display or pyrotechnic special effects.


• Complete all applicable sections of the Temporary Tent Application/ Permit (Form-Fillable).

• Application should be submitted at least 14 days prior to event date.

• Submit completed application to Risk.Reduction@cityofwoodland.org or mail/deliver to:

Woodland Fire Department

Attn: CRR Division

1000 Lincoln Avenue

Woodland, CA 95695

• Application fee may be applied if special event includes tents and/or canopies >400 square feet. The current primary fire code operational permit fee (2023) for Temporary Tents, Canopies and Membrane Structures is $248.00. 

• A site inspection will be scheduled to take place within 24 hours prior to your special event.


Temporary tents, air-supported, air-inflated or tensioned membrane structures shall not be erected for a period of more than 180 days within a 12-month period on a single premises (California Fire Code 3103.5).

Temporary Tent Permit Application Form


  • A site plan indicating the location, the dimensions of the tent(s), the distances from other tents, buildings, vehicle parking areas, and roadways etc.

  • If applicable, provide a seating arrangement plan. Include the number of seats, row spacing, aisle locations, width of the aisles, door width and exit sign locations on a floor plan.

  • If applicable, provide a table arrangement plan. Include the number of tables, table dimensions and locations, aisle locations, widths, exit widths and exit sign locations on a floor plan.

  • If applicable, provide stage locations. Include dimensions and exit locations off the stage. Provide information regarding the use of the stage (i.e., band performance, dancing, theatrical play etc.) or what the stage might contain in lieu of performers.

  • Provide locations of cooking and non-cooking booths, deep fryers, LPG tanks, BBQ grills.

  • If applicable, provide location of temporary generators and propane tank(s).

  •  If applicable, provide fireworks public display and special effects permit application.

  • Provide a name and telephone number for event promoter.

IMPORTANT: The event coordinator is required to coordinate with the tent supplier when the interior configuration is set up. Do not schedule a site inspection if interior setup will not be ready at that time. Additionally, emergency backup power for exit lights must be operational. The site inspection includes the entire site, not just the tent(s). Non-conformance of life safety plan review comments at the time of inspection may require a re-inspection and additional fees.


  • For additional requirements regarding the storage or use of hazardous materials, contact Yolo County Environmental Health Services at 530.666.8646 or email EHealth@yolocounty.org

  • Secondary containment is required for all liquid fuels.

  • A health inspection for temporary events such as cooking booths is required. Visit YoloCounty.org and select “Community Services">"Environmental Health Division">"Consumer Protection Programs">"Food Programs">"Community Events & Food Booths".


The Committee represents every City department and considers applications to hold public events, especially those that close streets or impact public right-of-way. If this applies to your event, please contact the Community Services Department at 530.661.2000.


  • Check with your local Building Department (530.661.5820) to determine if a separate permit is required for stages and electrical use.

For questions or for more information, call 530.661.5857 or email Risk.Reduction@cityofwoodland.org