Cannabis Review Process - (Manufacturing/ Distribution/ Testing)

The City of Woodland currently allows for consideration commercial cannabis uses for manufacturing, testing, and distribution.

A proposed commercial cannabis business must receive approval from the City prior to applying for a state license. 

Permits Needed

Both a Cannabis Conditional Use Permit and Cannabis Business Permits will be required for each use.

In addition to complying with all applicable requirements in this Article and obtaining a state license for commercial cannabis activities, no commercial cannabis use may operate in the City without first obtaining a cannabis business permit.


  • A minimum $15,000 application review fee is required upon submittal of an initial Conditional Use Permit. This is a deposit based fee in which the applicant agrees to cover costs associated with the review and processing of the applications.
  • Cannabis Business Permit Annual fees as provided in Resolution 6982
  • Additional Community Benefit fees may be identified in the required Operating Agreement for each Cannabis Business Permit.

Fingerprinting Requirements

All applications must submit proof that a Live Scan has been completed for all interested parties. The location of local services that provide Live Scan services may be found at the Office of the Attorney General. See the Live Scan form (PDF).

DOJ Information

  • Mail Code (Five-digit code assigned by DOJ) is 04866
  • ORI (Code Assigned by DOJ) is CA0570300

Security Requirements

Please review this information regarding Security Requirements (PDF).

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