Sports Park Drive Pedestrian Overcrossing Project

CIP 17-22

Phase: Final construction

Construction Start: October 2021

Anticipated Construction Completion: November 2023

Project Description

The complete project consists of the design and construction of a bicycle/pedestrian crossing over SR-113 along the alignment of Sports Park Drive to Farmers Central Road.

This project, along with planned Spring Lake development, will complete a bicycle/pedestrian connection along the south side of town from CR 102 to East Street. This pathway is planned for extension from East Street to Ashley Avenue. This will enable residents to access the existing north/south bike lane corridors throughout the City. This project will provide bicycle/pedestrian access to the Community Center/Sports Park and to the growth areas on the east side of SR-113.

Status - Updated November 1, 2023

The project is nearing substantial completion, which will mark a significant milestone in enhancing pedestrian safety and accessibility in our community. However, some remediation items remain. These tasks, although minor, are crucial to ensuring the project meets the highest safety and quality standards.

While the bridge is generally open to the public, the contractor might temporarily close the gate at the bridge or other areas of the path in the interest of safety. This precautionary measure prevents accidental access to the site while the final tasks are being completed. 

We understand the anticipation for the project's full opening and sincerely appreciate your patience during this final phase. The construction team is working diligently to address the remaining items promptly. We assure you that every effort is being made to expedite the process.

Diagram Showing how the pedestrian overcrossing connects to paths on either side of SR 113

Project Funding

The City’s Capital Budget includes $8,035,000 in funding for the project. No Spring Lake Infrastructure Financing (SLIF) funds were used. The majority of funding for the project was allocated from funds restricted to traffic mitigation related projects of citywide significance or funding specifically reserved for completion of a dedicated bike and pedestrian facility.

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Pouring bridge deck concrete

sunrise concrete at sports park drive bike ped overcrossing