Sports Park Drive Pedestrian Overcrossing Project

CIP 17-22

Phase: Final construction

Construction Start: October 2021

Anticipated Construction Completion: May 2023

Anticipated Plant Establishment Completion: August 2023

Anticipated Dedication & Celebration: Fall 2023

Project Description

The complete project consists of the design and construction of a bicycle/pedestrian crossing over SR-113 along the alignment of Sports Park Drive to Farmers Central Road.

This project, along with planned Spring Lake development, will complete a bicycle/pedestrian connection along the south side of town from CR 102 to East Street. This pathway is planned for extension from East Street to Ashley Avenue. This will enable residents to access the existing north/south bike lane corridors throughout the City. This project will provide bicycle/pedestrian access to the Community Center/Sports Park and to the growth areas on the east side of SR-113.

Status Updates

As is the case with many of our projects, the Pedestrian Overcrossing is experiencing delays due to the amount of rain we’ve received this year.

The pedestrian overcrossing is currently anticipated to be complete in May. Remaining work includes completion of the landscaping and cleanup as well as remediation work on the project which was identified during inspection but requires clear weather to perform. Once work is complete, the 90-day plant establishment period will commence for the remaining landscape. Although the full path connection through Spring Lake Park will be incomplete, path up to Spring Lake Park should be accessible in June with the plant establishment period ending in August . 

Upon completion of both the pedestrian overcrossing and the Spring Lake park, the continuous pathway will be opened for public use. In the interim, the pedestrian overcrossing path will terminate at the current utility maintenance access road that parallels the southern edge of Spring Lake Park. This gravel maintenance road is not paved and therefore not ADA accessible or intended for bicycle and pedestrian travel. The City does not encourage its use to access the pedestrian overcrossing path and instead requests that residents continue to use alternate paths to cross 113 until both projects are complete and opened for public use. Advisory signs are in place along the path.

The City intends to host an event commemorating the formal opening of the overcrossing in coordination with the completion of the Spring Lake Park. A date for this public event will be set as we near completion of the parks and the City will invite the public to the celebration. Information, once available, will be shared through social media, the City’s website, Spring Lake email lists, and notices at each of the Spring Lake neighborhood parks.

Diagram Showing how the pedestrian overcrossing connects to paths on either side of SR 113

Project Funding

The City’s Capital Budget includes $8,035,000 in funding for the project. No Spring Lake Infrastructure Financing (SLIF) funds were used. The majority of funding for the project was allocated from funds restricted to traffic mitigation related projects of citywide significance or funding specifically reserved for completion of a dedicated bike and pedestrian facility.

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Pouring the bridge deck concrete in August 2022 

sunrise concrete at sports park drive bike ped overcrossing