Sports Park Drive Pedestrian Overcrossing Project

CIP 17-22

Phase: Construction

Anticipated Construction Start: October 2021

Anticipated Construction Completion: Late Summer or Early Fall 2022

Project Description

The complete project consists of the design and construction of a bicycle/pedestrian crossing over SR-113 along the alignment of Sports Park Drive to Farmers Central Road.

This project, along with planned Spring Lake development, will complete a bicycle/pedestrian connection along the south side of town from CR 102 to East Street. This pathway is planned for extension from East Street to Ashley Avenue. This will enable residents to access the existing north/south bike lane corridors throughout the City. This project will provide bicycle/pedestrian access to the Community Center/Sports Park and to the growth areas on the east side of SR-113.

Status Updates

Construction is scheduled to begin in October 2021.

The Construction will occur over two construction seasons.  In 2021, work will be focused on building the embankments which will support the ends of the pedestrian overpass.  This embankment has a settlement period necessary to ensure the soil is stable before construction of the bridge can continue early in Spring 2022. 

Family riding bicycles