Extensions / Expirations

Permit Extensions

A building permit is valid for 180 days from date of issuance. If your project did not receive final inspection prior to the expiration of the permit, you may request a one-time extension of an additional 180 days. To keep the permit active beyond the 180-day expiration timeline, the applicant must request for a permit extension prior to the expiration.

A permit extension may be granted, on a one-time basis only, subject to the approval from the Chief Building Official. This request must be from the permittee in writing indicating the permit number, address, and reason for the extension.

Permit Expirations

If your building permit has expired beyond your one-time extension and your project has not been finaled, you will be required to renew your permit. Renewals will be subject to permit renewal fees.


The policy of the Building Division is to work with the applicant to ensure a speedy completion of the project. Please call the Division early on in the project or as soon as you are aware that the project completion may be delayed and the permit may need an extension. By working together to find a solution we can help in reducing the costs associated with permit expirations.

More Information

Please contact Code Compliance at 530-661-5820 with your questions.