Necessary Repairs / Improvements at Time of Sale

Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors need to be installed in all sleeping rooms, hallways leading to sleeping rooms, and on all levels for dwellings over one story. UBC 310.9.1.4

Spark Arrestors

Spark arrestors are to be installed on all solid fuel burning appliances. The device shall be of corrosion resistant material having a net free area of four times the chimney outlet. The openings shall be between 3/8" and 1/2" in diameter. UBC 3102.3.8.

Water Heater Seismic Strapping

SB 304, (Rosenthal) added the retrofit for seismic bracing of water heaters at the time of sale effective January 1, 1996. It further added minimum standards for the types of bracing methods used. In general, water heaters up to 52 gallons require strapping top and bottom. Units up to 75 gallon require 3 straps and 100 gallon require 4. Rigid water line connections are no longer permitted.

Note that the platform requirement for water heaters installed in garages does not apply to the time of sale requirements. Platforms are still required at the time the unit is replaced.