Public Works

The huge job of maintaining and expanding the City of Woodland’s transportation and utilities infrastructure falls to the Public Works Department. The pavement under our feet, the water in our glasses, the guidance of traffic signals - all of these services are the product of the great people in this department. Their objective is to deliver cost-effective public works infrastructure and services to the City of Woodland to meet both current and future needs.

Public Works Sign

The Public Works Department is divided up into several divisions.


To provide and maintain public works infrastructure, related facilities and services in a cost-effective manner to meet the current and projected needs of the City.


Adequate staffing, well-trained personnel that are accountable for, and empowered to accomplish, program responsibilities with a customer service focus; proactive management of programs based on an analysis of short- and long-range needs; program funding commensurate with documented needs.

City of Woodland Infrastructure Map

Woodland Infrastructure Map