Energy & Climate Action

Energy and Climate Action

Creating a More Sustainable Future Starts With All of Us

We need your help in reducing Woodland's greenhouse gas emissions to achieve our Climate Action Plan goals consistent with State goals for addressing California's contributions to climate change. The City of Woodland 2035 Climate Action Plan, adopted in May 2017, provides community-generated strategies to guide the City its residents, and local businesses in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The plan promotes energy efficiency, intelligent land use and transportation planning, respect and care for our urban forest and open spaces, and wise stewardship of water, land, and air resources. View the Climate Action Plan to learn more.

Further Energy & Climate Action Information

For news about climate change and information on climate change science, visit the California Environmental Protection Agency's Climate Change website. The California Resources for Sustainability (CARES) website is a database sponsored by the California Strategic Growth Council, the UC Davis Information Center for the Environment, and the Institute for Local Government that provides links to many other local government documents related to sustainability planning.