City Solar Project

Solar Panels

Woodland's Solar Project includes six solar arrays, which provide electricity to six City facilities including:

  • City Hall
  • Community and Senior Center
  • Municipal Services Center
  • Police Department
  • Water Pollution Control Facility
  • Woodland Public Library

Power Generation

The arrays generate 2.3 megawatts (MW) of electricity from renewable energy. That's enough power to cover 80% to 90% of the energy demand of five of the six facilities overall. View the Woodland Conservation Efforts map to see the locations of the arrays.


Site 1: Water Pollution Control Facility, 1 MW

Site 1 - Water Pollution Control Facility

Site 2: Water Pollution Control Facility, 0.03 MW

Site 2 - Water Pollution Control Facility

Site 3: Community and Senior Center, 0.5 MW

Site 3 - Community and Senior Center

Site 4: Police Department, 0.45 MW

Site 4 - Police Department

Site 5: Municipal Services Center, 0.13 MW

Site 5 - Municipal Services Center

Site 6: Court Street / College Street Parking Lot, 0.22 MW

Site 6 - Court Street / College Street Parking Lot