Synoptic Survey Report

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The Synoptic Survey Report is a preliminary research step in drafting the new Downtown Design and Development Standards incorporated as part of the Downtown Specific Plan Update. The survey report will inform the subsequent phases.

Report Overview

This report is an incremental assessment of the Downtown consisting of a street-by-street visual observation that was executed by foot on a weekly basis. A team of local volunteers, including a City Council member, a Planning Commissioner, a Historic Preservation Commissioner and 3 residents supported by staff, conducted the survey. In pairs, they walked segments of the Downtown and described their findings by recording their visual observations on forms and photographing each street and alley segment. The team recorded existing conditions and recurring features that appear to establish normative patterns, or appear to detract from the goals and policies of the 2003 Specific Plan and updated General Plan.

The Synoptic Survey documents the physical conditions that currently exist. A key starting point for determining these features and elements that add value to the public and private realms. They also assess what conditions should be changed through new standards. The report identifies conditions that should be changed through new standards such as potential infill and redevelopment sites and deficiencies in tree canopy, inadequate pedestrian sidewalk lighting, and sidewalk deficiencies.

Report Findings

Synoptic Survey Volunteers

  • Enrique Fernandez, City Council Member
  • Chris Holt, Planning Commission Representative
  • Kathy Trott, Resident
  • Ken Trott, Resident
  • Mark Aulman, Historic Preservation Commission
  • David Wilkinson, Resident 


  • Stephen Coyle, CDD Deputy Director
  • George Anagnostou, Intern
  • Ilse Lopez-Narvaez, Planning Intern