Parks & Recreation Commission


The parks and recreation commission shall have the following powers and duties:

  • To provide a forum for community discussion of current and future City-wide child care, youth, teen and adult recreation and community services programs as well as parks and recreation facility needs; 
  • To anticipate, with recommendations, the City’s need to acquire, develop and maintain parks and recreation facilities; 
  • To make recommendations on policies, program direction, and financial matters pertaining to the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department under the Commission’s jurisdiction;
  • To review the portion of the City budget related to parks, recreation and community services as developed by the Department staff (with the exception of senior citizen center and services) and make recommendations to the City Council;
  • To advise the City Council on all matters related to parks and recreation facilities, child care information services, youth, teen and adult recreation and community services programs;
  •  To analyze local, state and national child care, parks, recreation and community services legislation;
  • To conduct surveys to assess the parks, recreation and community services needs of the community;
  • To advocate for the continued growth, availability and quality of the City parks, recreation and community services programs, services and facilities;
  • To conduct hearings and to act upon matters within the Tree Commission's jurisdiction as set forth in subsection E of this section and Section 12.48.080;
  • To recommend to the Council ways to improve the appearance of the City by planting and maintaining trees;
  • To have a representative report to the Council during April of each year on work accomplished in the past year and to outline work to be done in the coming year. Such report, at the discretion of the Council, also may be required to be submitted in writing; and To exercise such powers and perform such other duties as the council may direct.

Meetings & Agendas