Library Board of Trustees


As a municipal library in the State of California, the Woodland Public Library is governed pursuant to authority of Education Code Section 18910, et seq., as amended from time to time, there is created a City Library Board of Trustees.

The public library shall be managed by a Board of Library Trustees, consisting of five members, to be appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council.

Terms & Schedule

Library Board members serve terms of three years and are appointed by the Mayor with consent of the City Council. Changes to the normal schedule are reflected in the Board minutes to accommodate holidays, summer schedules, etc. but in all cases comply with The Education Code requirement of at least one meeting a month.


According to the Woodland Municipal Code (as adopted pursuant to the provisions of Education Code 18910 et seq.,), the Board is responsible for making and enforcing "all rules, regulations and bylaws necessary for the administration, government, and protection of the libraries under its management, and all property belonging thereto." The Board also hires, evaluates, and sets compensation for the Library Services Director. Board members are active in advocating for library support at both the local and state levels. Anyone interested in service on the Library Board is invited to contact Library Services Director Greta Galindo (530-661-5980) or City Clerk Ana Gonzalez (530-661-5806).