Pharmaceutical Drug Waste

Pharmaceutical Drug Waste

Scientific studies show sometimes alarming levels of human medicines in U.S waterways. Sewage treatment systems cannot remove these medicines from wastewater, and they end up in lakes and rivers, where they can adversely affect aquatic animals. For this reason, medications should not be flushed down the drain or thrown away.

Spring 2019 DEA National Take-Back Event

Medication Take Back Event

Drop-off unwanted medications for safe and proper disposal during the DEA National Take-Back Event! This event is free to Woodland residents. 

Accepted Items:
  • Prescription pills and patches
  • Over-the-counter pills and patches
  • Vitamins
Items Not Accepted:
  • No needles or syringes (sharps)
  • No thermometers
  • No liquids

Year-Round Options for Proper Disposal

See the Don't Rush to Flush flyer (PDF) or find out where to take unwanted or expired medications: