Commercial Recycling

Commercial Recycling Businesses and Multi-Family

According to a 2018 waste characterization study, the commercial sector generates nearly three-quarters of the solid waste in California. To increase the recovery of recyclable material and reduce greenhouse (GHG) emissions from materials sent to landfills, Governor Brown signed SB 1383 in 2016 which has stricter guidelines than previous laws and requires more businesses than ever to recycle.

Most notably, all businesses that create any material accepted for recycling must have recycling services from Waste Management or submit a waiver or exemption for qualifying circumstances.  

Requirements of SB 1383

Businesses and multi-family properties that generate recyclable materials are required to do one of the following:

  • Arrange for recycling services through Waste Management
  • Apply for an exemption if the business is:
    • Sharing Waste Management services, or
    • Self-hauling all recyclable material, or
    • Using an alternative recycling service besides Waste Management.
    • Exemptions must be renewed annually with recycled tonnage or other documentation.
  • Apply for a waiver if the business is:
    • Generating material that is not accepted for recycling through Waste Management, or
    • Using alternative services for recycling (i.e. paper shredding) and having no other material acceptable for recycling, or
    • Lacking adequate, physical space for a container and is unable to share services with neighboring property.
      • Note: containers do not need to fit inside of an enclosure to determine space constraints.
    • Waivers must be renewed every 5 years.

Resources for Successful Recycling at Your Business/Multi-Family Property

City of Woodland and Waste Management staff are here to help your business/multi-family property make recycling as successful as possible. We offer site visits, waste assessments, employee/tenant training or presentations, and can provide additional resources to help facilitate recycling at your property.

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