Compost Bin (Electric, Backyard & Vermicompost)


The City of Woodland is offering rebates during the current fiscal year to Woodland residents, businesses, or schools within city limits that purchase an electric, backyard, or vermicompost bin.

New this year: Electric composters (such as Lomi, Tero, Vitamix Foodcycler, etc.) are eligible for a $200 rebate!

Choose between the following options:

  • Backyard compost/vermicompost bins: Limit $100 per bin, up to 2 bins (or $200), per household every 2 years. You can purchase up to two of the same type of bin or one of each.
  • Electric kitchen composters: Limit $200 per device every 2 years.

Limit $200 in compost-type rebates per household per year.