Historic Preservation & Heritage Home Awards

The City of Woodland is known throughout California for its architecturally significant and historic homes. Since 1989, the City of Woodland Historical Preservation Commission has presented the Heritage Home Award to honor special homes within the community.

Honorary Award

The Heritage Home Award is given in recognition of a home's aesthetic or historically significant contribution to Woodland's residential architecture and to recognize homes that have been well cared for or well restored. The award is purely honorary and imposes no requirements of any kind on either present or future property owners.

Diverse Architecture

To date more than 100 Heritage Home Awards have been presented to Woodland homes. These homes, whose dates of construction range from 1862 to 1962, typify Woodland's rich and diverse architectural resources. Heritage Homes range from:

  • 19th century Victorian and Queen Anne
  • 20th century Tudor
  • Colonial Revival
  • Craftsman Bungalow
  • French Cottage
  • Mid-Century styles
  • Spanish Revival
  • Streamline


Each year the Historical Preservation Commission selects recipients for the award from nominations submitted by Commission members or any other interested person. There is no specific age or date of construction required, but historical significance is considered essential for a home to be eligible. To be considered for the award, a home must be a family residence and located within the city limits. The Heritage Home Award consists of a Certificate of Recognition and an attractive 7 inches by 10 inches oval bronze plaque listing the home's year of construction. The awards are presented by the Historical Preservation Commission to the current owners of the selected homes in an informal ceremony at City Hall typically held in the Fall.

Historic Preservation Awards

Similar to the Heritage Home Award, Historic Preservation Awards are granted to individuals, organizations or to owners of architecturally significant buildings or resources, other than single family residences, that have been well maintained or rehabilitated. The award is honorary and recognizes the organization or non-residential building / location as a special community resource.

Family Biking in Front of Gable Mansion
Outside of State Theatre