3 bin compostComposting is nature's way of recycling. Come to a local composting class to learn how you can turn your yard waste and kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich soil amendments for your garden and mulch for landscaped areas.

Compost Classes

Free backyard compost classes are offered in the spring and fall. Composting guides and other composting resources are given to each Woodland resident attending the class. Click the link below for a digital copy of the composting guide.

Backyard Composting & Vermicomposting Guide

For information on composting, water-wise gardening, native plants and other gardening tips and tools, visit the Yolo County Master Gardeners website. Check out the calendar section for upcoming gardening workshops.

If you would like more information on the next class, please visit the EnviroWoodland Facebook page or contact our Conservation Coordinator for Recycling via email or at 530-661-2063.


The City of Woodland offers $100 rebates to Woodland residents, businesses, or schools that purchase up to 2 backyard compost and/or vermicompost bins. Compost bins provide a positive economical and environmental benefit by reducing yard waste in our streets and adding nutrients to our yards and gardens. 

Compost Bin and/or Vermicompost Bin applications:

For more information on these and other rebates, visit our rebate page or call 530-661-2063.