Transparency in Government

The City of Woodland strives to conduct the public's business in a manner that is accessible and transparent to all its citizens. We believe that our participatory democracy is best served by ensuring that the public has an understanding of its government's decision-making process and how best to participate. In addition, the public should have easy-access to public information, including meeting agendas and minutes, financial and budget information, and documents and reports.

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California Census 2020

Let's participate and be counted, Yolo County! The 2020 Census is coming in April and Yolo County has created a coalition of cities, county departments and partner agencies to help share the message.

Council Chambers

Public Meetings

The City of Woodland provides access to meetings and agendas for City Council and other Board and Commission meetings.


Financial Transparency

The City of Woodland's financial transparency portal provides the public with improved access to the City’s financial information.


Public Records Requests

The City of Woodland is required to provide information to the public, upon request, consistent with the requirement of the state's Public Records Act as well as the federal Freedom of Information Act.

Council Chambers Chairs


The City of Woodland aims to comply with all State and Federal disclosure requirements.

General Plan Map

Map Library

The City of Woodland provides an assortment of online maps for locating City facilities, parks, parcels, and zoning, as well as City boundaries and Council districts.