Local Road Safety Project

Anticipated Completion: Summer 2023

Project Description

The Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP) is an update to the Systemic Safety Analysis Report (SSAR) completed in 2020. The LRSP expands on the previous analysis with collision data from 2016 to 2020, completed safety improvements, further analysis and recommendations for the top priority corridors, and additional discussion of and plans for implementation.

The City of Woodland LRSP will:

  • Assess safety issues on the roadway network, including both point-location (i.e., hotspot) and systemic issues.
  • Identify potential countermeasures to address these issues.
  • Prioritize the location of future safety projects.

The draft document will be available for public review until June 4, 2023 and can be accessed here.

Please click here to review a LRSP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document

Woodlanders may submit comment to LRSP@cityofwoodland.org. Please do not include any sensitive or confidential information.