Woodland Parkway Safe Routes to School & Connectivity Study

Start Date: Winter 2018

Project Description

The Woodland Parkway Safe Route to School and Connectivity study includes evaluation of the pedestrian and bicycle facilities along the SR 113 interchange along Gibson Road.  Currently there are no proper bicycle and pedestrian facilities when crossing SR113 along Gibson Road.  
The study will also evaluate the feasibility of constructing a bicycle and pedestrian path along the southern City limits connecting to the Woodland Sports Park.  Currently this alignment is a maintenance road owned and maintained by the City along Road 24A from Ashley Avenue to East Street.  The assessment will include how the improved path will provide connection to other existing bicycle and pedestrian paths.

The City of Woodland is conducting a Safe Routes to School and Connectivity Study and needs your input!

We are currently undergoing the first round of community outreach for the study. This is our chance to hear from you! Use this self guided tour to provide your vision for Woodland Parkway. Think about the following questions and provided design themes as you think of the future environment along the parkway! How would you use the path/corridor? What schools or destinations would you go to? What does a successful project look like? Use the numbers at the bottom of each photo and key them to the Existing Conditions diagram where you think the theme or solution might be appropriate. or, create your own!

Self-Guided Tour

Your comments can be submitted to the email below:


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