How can I help my community reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

In order to achieve Woodland's greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets, the City, its residents, and local businesses must work together to reduce GHG emissions. The CAP's six focus areas are Energy, Transportation and Land Use, Urban Forest and Open Space, Water and Solid Waste, Public Involvement, and Municipal Operations.

You can do your part in reducing GHG emissions in your community by choosing from a variety of actions and strategies ranging from simple actions, such as switching to LED light bulbs, recycling, composting food scraps, conserving water, or choosing alternative modes of transportation, to more advanced options, such as implementing energy-efficiency retrofit projects at home, replacing a gasoline or diesel vehicle with a hybrid or electric vehicle, converting your lawn to a water-wise landscape, or launching a citizen-led outreach effort. View the Climate Action Plan (PDF) to find simple and advanced ways to do your part in helping to reduce community-wide GHG emissions in Woodland.

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